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Just a Baby mobile app

In 2016 the Australian founder, Paul Ryan planned to break the mould on how families are created and children are conceived. After hearing so many heartfelt stories from other men and woman about needing sperm, egg or surrogacy services, Paul decided it was time to break the stereotypical cycle and create the new mobile app Just-A-Baby. Now anyone can start the journey of alternative parenting in their OWN way.

The world is quickly moving into a different mindset where singletons and same-sex relationships are common, but it’s not always as easy to have a baby as we would all like to wish. That's where our dream and legacy comes into play. Just-A-Baby gives anyone that’s dreamt of being a parent the key to finding a match simply and easily. The sole purpose of the Just a Baby app is to help find other potential people to have a baby with and commence negotiations.

Guided by internationally acclaimed fertility lawyer

Guided by internationally acclaimed fertility lawyer, Stephen Page of Harrington Family Law Firm. Stephen took on his first surrogacy client in 1988 and has taken on more than 1700 worldwide surrogacy cases since then. Having personally used a surrogate mother, Stephen is not only compassionate and knowledgeable; he also has personal experience with infertility. Founder, Paul Ryan once said, when you’ve chosen your conception partner, the next step is to engage with legal and family counselling, and fertility services, before conception.

Match with potential partners

The app allows you to meet and discuss your needs and wants with potential partners rather than relying on a one-night stand, an anonymous donor or an old friend. It's easy and simple to use, it only takes a minute to download and set up a profile, and with a couple of clicks, you can be chatting to prospective “conception partners” locally or around the globe.

 The Just a Baby app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. What are you waiting for? You’re just a couple of clicks away from finding a potential match. We are all on this journey together, no one gets left behind at Just a Baby.