Stephen and Jacquie with Just a Baby



Sometimes life can take us on unexpected journeys of love and turmoil, Stephen and his partner Jacquie have just started the next chapter of their life. With the help of the Make a Baby app and a little bit of stardust and luck, they will find an egg donor to help make their baby dreams come true.

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My partner and I have just started exploring our egg donation options. Both in our mid-thirties, have a home that is only a few minutes walk away from the beach, and two dogs we call our family. Not long before we met 3.5 years ago, Jacquie was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency( early menopause ). We always knew that if kids were going to happen, it wouldn't be simple and we'd need an egg donor. Have always been open-minded to the fact that having children might just not happen for us. But we have such an abundance of love to give. We'd give our child a safe home and happy life. We have so much to give our potential future children. Just can't give up, look at my wife in our photos, she was born to be a mother!

We would love some advice on finding donors? there is no one suitable in our direct circle. Working out the best way to find a donor to make our dreams a reality. 

Stephen is willing to donate his sperm to a couple who is in need if they have eggs they might want to donate to make their baby dreams come reality.

Help Stephen and Jacquie?

Think you might be able to help Stephen and Jacquie? Slide into our DM's and we will put you in touch with this lovely couple.

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