Welcome to Just a Baby

Welcome to Just a Baby!

Welcome to Just a Baby! I'm sure many of you are wondering, who we are and what we do?

Our CEO, Paul Ryan founded Just a Baby after seeing so many men and women worrying that their biological clock kept ticking louder as each day passed. Not everyone meets Mr or Mrs Right at the perfect time, that should not stop you from missing out on having the child you have dreamed of for years! It was 2016 when the idea of creating the Just a Baby App sprung to Paul's mind. Here we are now, helping people achieve their dreams of having a baby.

 It's 2021, the world is becoming more excepting and empathetic to those that need alternative reproductive services. This is where Just a Baby comes in. We have created an app that helps people that are looking for potential sperm, egg or surrogacy services CONNECT! You can swipe left or right until you find a match! Yes, it's that simple. You can get chatting on the app to any of our donors or recipients if you MATCH. We have over 100,000 downloads of the Just a Baby App. Our free mobile app helps to find people to have babies with, whether that be a one-off donation with no contact afterwards or a co-parenting relationship.

At Just a Baby, we believe love is love and we compassionately accept everyone in our community. It takes an amazing person to donate the precious gift of life, the team at Just a Baby loves hearing success stories of people who have connected with a donor and have had a baby using our app.

Download today through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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