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“I just wanted to thank the creators of this app.  You've created this community of people and without it I would not have met my donor.  I am now looking forward to meeting my first child in April!!  Thank you so much, i'll never be able to express the full extent of my gratitude.”

Pregnant lady

May. New York

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“I just wanted to say thank you, i'm 7 months pregnant!”

Sherry from Seattle

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“Being a young gay women and wanting to have a baby, this gives me the confidence I've been longing for. Not wanting to go to a sperm bank without knowing who the donor is, and the expenses, this saves complication, confusion and gives everyone a chance and better look at alternative options. More than excited !!”

lesbian couple

Siobhan and Kath 

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Just a baby user mike

"Fantastic app. Has helped me help others. Excellent team

Mike, FI

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“It's fun meeting people and exploring the possibilities”

single mother by choice

Jean, NYC