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Just a Baby is the fastest-growing community connecting people worldwide who are interested in surrogacy, donation, and co-parenting. Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive space where people can connect with others who share their interests and experiences. 


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Our app offers a variety of features designed to help users connect and engage with each other, including user profiles, messaging, groups, forums, and resources. We also prioritize user privacy and security, ensuring that all personal information and communication is kept confidential and secure.

Just a Baby believes that everyone should have the opportunity to start or grow their family, regardless of their circumstances. Furthermore we are committed to creating a platform that empowers people to explore alternative family-building options and find the support they need along the way.

We understand that the topics of surrogacy, donation, and co-parenting can be sensitive and complex. Indeed that’s why we have a team of experts and moderators available to provide guidance and support to our users.

Thank you for choosing Just a Baby. Nevertheless we hope that our app can help you find the connections and resources you need to start or grow your family.

Find Egg and Sperm Donors, Surrogates, Partners or Co-Parents.

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