Frequently Asked Questions

From account setup and profile creation to matching and messaging, our comprehensive FAQ covers a wide range of topics related to the Just a Baby app and community. Your questions, answered. Just a Baby has you covered!

About Just a Baby

Just a Baby aims to help people who are ready to make a baby, but need some help – this could be finding a partner, surrogate, sperm or egg donor. 

At Just a Baby, we want to bring alternative paths to parenthood out into the open, providing more options so more people can start their journey to making a baby.

Just a Baby connects people wanting to make a baby. If you’re dreaming of a baby of your own, or you’re interested in helping others, this easy-to-use app can match you with potential partners, co-parents, surrogates, sperm and egg donors. Once you’ve created your own profile, you can get started finding a match, you simply swipe left (for no) or right (if you like someone). Basically if another user also swipes right on your profile, you’ll be matched and you can start chatting about your journey to making a baby. 

Nope! Just a Baby is free to use – there are no charges to set up a profile, review or chat with other users. 

Just a Baby is for anyone who is thinking about having a baby, and for people who want to help others realise their dreams.Whether you’re a gay, straight, have a partner, or single, Just a Baby is an easy way to find that missing piece of the puzzle that could help make your dreams come true.

Our community is diverse and our users come from all walks of life – but they all have one thing in common: they all want to make a baby. 

Signing up and Getting Started

You have two options to sign up. Either you register using your Facebook account (rest assured that no information is posted to your Facebook account) or you may use your Google Account. 

Just a Baby has partnered with a 3rd party verifier to provide user verification in the app. Users may opt to verify their identity by submitting a valid legal document.

Verified users will carry a verified badge/icon on their profiles. Verified badge gives users instant authenticity, building credibility and legitimacy in the app.

Deets are user’s detailed information stored privately within one’s profile. Information includes First Name, Last Name, Country, Selfie photo, Postal, and Date of Birth.

These information went through a 3rd party verifier upon user’s submission of a valid legal document. All information stored on deets remain private unless user shared them ‘manually’ to others.

You will see a user to have a “shield w/ check” (verified) icon on his/her profile when that user has deets stored on his/her account.

Deets can be swapped between users. But only verified users can request for swapping of deets.

Just a Baby stores the login information you used when you initially signed up in the app. If you first signed up using Facebook then, you will need to login using the same Facebook credential you used. This applies with Google and mobile login too. 

The App doesn’t link your Facebook and Google accounts even if they share the same email address. 

If you think you’ve lost your account, please provide your (1) email address or mobile number used to sign up with the app, (2) name used in the app, (3) birthday to verify the account.

You may deactivate your account and have all your information temporarily deleted. When you deactivate your account, you won’t be able to chat nor others can chat you. You won’t appear in the Swipey Screen nor you’ll see people in the app too. When you’re ready to reactivate your account, just contact Just a Baby Support.

Deleting your account permanently deletes all your matches, conversations, likes, personal info, etc. THIS CANNOT BE RECOVERED. 

Go to ‘Menu’ and select ‘Disable or Delete Account’ under ‘Settings’.

Yes, but not immediately.  Note that permanent account deletion could take time as our system would have to purge all your information completely out from our database. Give it a couple of days before re-using your old credentials.

Profile Personalization

Yes, to do this, go to your “Me” screen > Update the bio text field > Hit the back arrow button to automatically save your changes.

When you set up your profile, your Facebook or Google profile picture will be automatically uploaded as your profile picture. To change it, simply click on the ‘profile’ tab and then click on the pencil icon in the top right hand corner of your screen. Find the ‘My photo’ heading and click on the ‘+’ icon to add photos from your phone’s photo gallery or Facebook profile.

Masquerading is a feature available to all Just a Baby+ accounts. 

To do this, follow the steps below:

Launch the app. Go to Settings > My Settings > Privacy Option > Masquerade. 

Yes, your Facebook or Google profile picture will automatically be uploaded as your Just a Baby profile picture. Remember, this is about meeting other people, so it helps to have a photo of yourself to get the ball rolling and start a conversation.

The masquerade feature in the app would let you change your name. This is premium feature you can unlock when you get the JAB+ premium subscription. 

To use this, just go to Settings > My Settings > Privacy Options > Change Name.

Matching and Messaging

To chat to with another user you firstly need to be ‘matched’ – this means both users need to swipe right on each other’s profile. Once you’re matched, you can start chatting.

Chatting is completely a FREE feature for everyone. 

However, if you wish to skip the matching process, you may send a paid Chattylike to someone to start a conversation. This works like swiping right but with a feature to attach your text message.

To use the Chattylike feature, just tap the smaller like icon on the Swipey screen. 

No, you cannot. We do not have  a feature to delete chat messages, yet. 

The conversation gets only deleted when:

  1. The other user has removed you from his/her list or the other way around (chat will be transferred to archived list).

  2. The other user has been banned from the app  (chat will be transferred to archived list and a banned user indicator is visible).

  3. The other user permanently deleted his/her account (chat will be gone and will leave no trace in the app).

Profiles with open, honest descriptions – which tell your story – attract more users. By doing this, you’re also helping others feel more comfortable about opening up and telling their own story.

Yes, you can match with people around the globe. You can also change your location in the settings area, so you can search for people in specific areas around the world.

At Just a Baby, we value everyone’s privacy. This is why you can only chat to someone you have matched with. 

A match = they like you + you like them.

Billing and Payment

Note: All Android and iOS subscription cancellations are only handled by Google Play and Apple App stores respectively.

Launch the Just a Baby app. Go to Settings >  App Settings > Account Status > Unsubscribe. 

You will be redirected to your Google Play Store or iTunes account from where you can cancel your Just a Baby subscription. 

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